Notarial Minutes as Evidence of the Physical Execution of Social and Cultural Projects funded with Public Resources

  • Wilson Issamu Yamada


This paper discusses the use of notarial minutesas evidence of the physical execution of socialand cultural projects funded with public resources. Acovenant signed by public or private nonprofit entitiesis the instrument most used by the Public Administrationfor this purpose. The monitoring of the physicalexecution of the projects contracted has not been satisfactory.The notarial minutes present themselves asa viable alternative solution and, in certain aspects, asan advantage to remedy this deficiency.

Biografia do Autor

Wilson Issamu Yamada
Civil servant of the FederalCourt of Accounts - Brazil. Hehas degrees in Engineering andLaw from the University of SãoPaulo, and post-graduationdegrees in Constitutionaland Administrative Law fromthe Escola Paulista de Direitoand in Notarial Law from theAnhanguera-Uniderp University.